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The Future of Personalized Nutrition

We believe that truly personalized nutrition will be possible in the near future. And everything that we do is driven by our belief that the path towards a better, healthier, and longer life starts with nutrition. We see a future where every person is able to reach their ideal level of health by drinking a delicious mix of nutrients personalized to their exact needs, based on their unique health data.

Beta Program Launching December 2018

Say Hello to Mina

Mina is Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant AI that analyzes the interaction between your genes, diet, and lifestyle to dispense personalized nutrition drinks right from the convenience of your kitchen. Each drink is uniquely mixed to help fill Essential nutritional gaps in your diet, support your Fitness, or improve your overall Wellness.

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  • Your Unique Health Signature

    Mina uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and predictive models to identify your behavioral patterns, deliver proactive nutritional recommendations and show you a quantified breakdown of your fuel intake & energy expenditure.

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  • Connect Your Health Data

    Sync your digital health data from virtually any wearable device, fitness app, or health platform. By connecting your health data sources to Mina, she is able to monitor your energy expenditure in real-time.


    Blockchain Security

    Your personal health data is stored on Mixfit's blockchain database to keep it private and secure.

Apply for Mixfit's Closed Beta

We will be selecting 1,000 applicants to participate starting December, 2018.